Vinilos del Este S.L., a leading company in the manufacture of PVC by the calendering method, began its commercial career in 1986 with the acquisition of the company SULAPA, which supplied rigid PVC to the furniture industry.

After successfully reorienting our production to other markets and given their strong demand, the decision was made to purchase a new calendering line, which was installed in September 1989.

Starting in 1990, we entered the home decoration sector with the installation of state-of-the-art machinery for stamping, adhesive, embossing and bending.

In 1999 we considered the possibility of a new challenge, the installation of the most modern of the existing calendering lines in the whole of Europe, becoming a reality at the beginning of 2001.


In Vinilos del Este, S.L. We consider sustainable development and respect for its social environment as determining factors in its management, having established policies on Environment, Quality, Industrial Safety and Occupational Risks. In the aforementioned disciplines, prevention, continuous improvement and competitive conditions are considered essential. From day one, quality, technology and competitiveness have been selection criteria for our products, obtaining the ISO 9002 quality seal that accredits it.

Research, Development and Innovation are priority activities for VINILOS del Este, s.l. That is why we collaborate with various Technological Institutes in the development of innovative projects aimed both at improving the quality of the products developed and at their integration into the environment. Among others:

  • Industrial Processing of Plasticized PVC with low migration and controlled viscosity. V National R&D Plan (2004-2007). Together with AIMPLAS Technological Institute of Plastic and the University of Alicante.
  • Characterization of colored Plastic Parts. Determination of Tolerances. Automatic Color Formulation. Transparent IMPIVA 2005. Together with AIDO (Technological Institute of Optics, Color and Image).
Our quality is based on a permanently integrated action, not temporary, of the people of the organization, being specified in:

The definition, development and implementation of a Quality System that meets the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 standard, certified by a Body accredited by ENAC.

The Quality System promotes as a basic strategy, being able to compete in quality and productivity with European companies in the sector, from the point of view of satisfying the needs of customers with technical efficiency, economy of production and manufacturing, with full respect for the legislation applicable to your business activities.

The Quality System enhances the culture of teamwork, making staff feel motivated and involved in this future project, favoring the participation of all, self-control and pride in a job well done.

The establishment and review of quality objectives that allow continuous improvement in this area, endowed with financial resources and timely operations.

The monitoring of the objectives and the development of preventive and corrective actions that the circumstances of each moment require.

Adopt all those homologation measures, concrete quality programs that lead to their satisfaction with clients.

Guarantee the achievement of the objectives set and the principles mentioned above, periodically carrying out internal and external audits of its Quality System


From VINILOS del este, s.l. We offer the flexibility to adapt the basis of our process, the manufacture of vinyl sheet, to the specific needs and characteristics that our client needs. For this, we put at your disposal, the variables and attributes of the product and the process that you would have, to be able to develop a vinyl sheet to your measure, constituted as the main base of the following substances.

Starting on these bases and by using the necessary additives according to the specifications established by the client or implicit in the type of product, VINILOS del este, s.l. offers the customer a wide range of combinations based on these basic formulas and the specific attributes and treatments required.


At VINILOS del este, s.l., being aware of the importance and need for both society and technology to grow and improve in a constantly evolving world, we work on all our processes with a continuous focus on innovation and technological development, integrating in this our vision directed to research towards new sectors, markets, products, raw materials and processes, to all the interested parties that are part of our organization

That is why we work jointly and hand in hand, both with associations and technological institutes, as well as with clients and suppliers, so that they participate and share our commitment to technological evolution and development, with the idea not only of being each increasingly competitive in the market, but above all, to maintain the main pillar in the R+D+I line of VINILOS del este, s.l. , adapt their products to the environment, improving and reducing their impact on the environment.


VINILOS del este, s.l. as a responsible company, it seeks to minimize the adverse effects that its industrial activity can cause on the environment. You have the knowledge, resources, and appropriate communications to provide an effective environmental management system. Our company expresses its commitment and responsibility to the environment throughout the course of its production process, guaranteeing and promoting the Circular Economy of our products, through a closed cycle according to the collection protocol that it has established with its customers and thanks to its own shredding line, which allows the recovery of processing waste. We are working on an improvement system to consolidate the following principles:

Legal requirements

mply with at least the general legal requirements and those other specific ones considered necessary for the usual activity in the plants of VINILOS del este, s.l..

Environmental Commitment

Manufacture of "Environmentally responsible articles" thanks to our commitment and responsibility towards the environment throughout our production process, with the main objective of minimizing the environmental impact and reducing emissions and waste generation, and recovering line and subsequently, the loss generated.

"Good neighborhood "

Maintain a “good neighbor” principle, minimizing the possible adverse effects of the activity on the surrounding population

Energy efficiency

Make efficient use of energy, raw materials, water and packaging, recognizing the importance of working with environmental sustainability in mind.

Environmental impact

Avoid pollution, emissions and waste that may have a harmful environmental impact on the production environment.

Circular Economy

Minimize waste in all its forms by recycling or recovering whenever possible, or by ensuring effective treatment and responsible disposal.


VINILOS del este, sl, in its desire to facilitate and improve the coexistence between the incipient growth of the industry and its impact on the environment, has developed several energy projects in collaboration with government entities in the autonomous, national and European sphere, focused on to guarantee the sustainability of energy resources and to carry out a responsible consumption of them.

Project supported by IVACE grants co-financed by the European Union within the FEDER Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014-2020 PROJECT E4IN12 / 2018/57 “REPLACEMENT OF A LOW PERFORMANCE THERMAL OIL BOILER WITH A HIGH PERFORMANCE BOILER WITH A MODULATING BURNER”



The main objective of VINILOS del este, s.l. is the creation of highly technological, innovative and environmentally friendly thermoplastic (PVC) products using the most advanced technologies in order to supply our customers with materials that fully satisfy them and consider it as the final judge of the quality level of the manufactured and service that we manage to perform.


Get in touch with us, we offer the flexibility to adapt the basis of our process, the manufacture of vinyl sheet, to the specific needs and characteristics that our client needs, in order to develop a customized vinyl sheet.